Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Minutes to Happiness by Sally Clements

The Basics:
Three Minutes to Happiness by Sally Clements
Book 2 in the Logan Series
Published January 31, 2014
Source: Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Why I picked up this book:

I liked the cover, and the story sounded cute - couple meeting at speed dating and against all prior protests, finding love there.

Photographer Valentine Jones doesn’t believe in love, but when her romantic friend Maggie drags her along to a speed dating event, she finds herself reluctantly attracted to architect Finn Logan. Against her better instincts, she ticks yes on her scorecard to seeing him again. He never calls.
Finn shouldn’t have flirted with Val at the speed dating event. He was there to chaperone his wayward niece, not find another girlfriend – he has two already. When he meets Val again at his cousin’s wedding, he tries to explain, and ends up kissing her instead.

Finn’s company need a photographer to nail an important contract, and Val needs the job. Before long, Finn has dissolved his harem, and persuaded Val into his bed. She’s all for a quick fling, but nothing more – a ruined marriage has taught her that love is an illusion. But Finn’s ruthless pursuit is making her change her mind, until the party at his parents’ house that changes everything… 

My thoughts:

This short novel (about 150 pages) was a cute, non-offensive, non-memorable way to pass an evening. I enjoyed reading the book while I was reading it, but there was nothing about it that really stuck out or stuck with me. I wouldn't go back to re-read except that it's short and sweet so picking it up would be pretty easy.

The blurb lays out most of the story, really. Val is hesitant to engage in anything that seems like a relationship because she's still not over being burned by her ex-husband. Finn finds himself reluctantly interested in something more, and put in the unfamiliar position of having to pursue a woman. 

I think some of the book was a little rushed - Finn has some issues with a cousin that could have been played out more. Val's efforts to expand her photography horizons could have been delved into -  even their relationship could have been spun out a bit more. Maybe in the 'something more,' I would have found something to really sink my teeth into?  

Overall, it was a fairly compact and fun story. Just... not memorable.

Bottom line:

Not a terrible book, not a great book. Right down the middle, I'd say. There's nothing to make this one stand out from all the other contemporary romances on the shelves, BUT, it's a good read, so if you like the blurb, then I feel like I can safely recommend it.

3 stars
For fans of contemporary romance, quick reads

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