Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blogging/Reading Challenges for 2014

I really want to reach out into the blogging community and meet people - there's some truly fabulous folks reviewing books!

So, part of my effort is going to be to join some of the ongoing blog challenges!  

First up:

The 2014 Rewind Challenge !

This is hosted by Coffee Bean Bookshelf, a blog I just recently discovered and really enjoy! I love Bree's voice, and I'll definitely be following her blog in the future. I also love some fo the features she has going, and they may inspire some new features here! 

Anyways, the 2014 Rewind Challenge is all about clearing out some of your TBR shelf.

I have huge TBR shelves - not including the books in my husband's collection that I want to pick up, I'm sitting at about 75 physical books, and maybe another 75 ebooks, not including review copies.  

I'd like to power through 40 of these books already sitting on my shelves this year - 20 from each pile would be fantastic!


2014 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

Hosted by Bookmark to Blog, I like the interpretative quality of this one. Every month there's a new set of keywords to choose from, and you need to read a book with one of those words in the title. The twist is that you have a bit of leeway - a book with the word 'cake' in the title would be okay for the keyword food. I'll be curious to see what other people come up, and to see if there's any overlap or connection between what everyone selects as their book that month.

January's words are "Angel, Secret, Clock, Black, Day, Wild" and I think have a "Secrets" book coming up later this month, so I've already got a plan for this month!  

Are you participating in either of these challenges? What are your goals/book for January? Which other challenges should I be joining? Do you have a favourite?

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