Review Policy

I am currently accepting requests for review for March 2015 and beyond. (Updated Feb. 1)

I prefer to review new or upcoming releases, but I'm happy to take a look at older books - particularly when they are earlier titles in a series or earlier works by an author with an intriguing, upcoming release.  

I welcome recommendations from readers: if there's a book - old or new - you believe I should review, please contact me with the title and author's name.

I aim to release reviews for new books as close to their publication date as my schedule allows. I post reviews to and on the date my review goes live (or on the date of publication, if I review before publication date). 

Genre: I prefer romance, erotica, fantasy and New Adult, but I also accept young adult, science fiction, mystery and thriller/action. 

Format: I accept books for review in ebook (via NetGalley or direct to me, I prefer .epub and .pdf ) or hard copy format. Hard copy format makes me extra happy. 

Contact me at for more information.

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