Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekend What's Up?, 1

I haven't prepared my usual Stacking the Shelves and Sunday Update for this weekend.

I did pick up a couple books--and I used a whole $4 (or nearly) from my precious book budget!--but I stayed pretty clear of book acquiring in hopes that I'd get more read. I'm up to 15 for the month, with a week to go, though 2 of those were DNFs. I'm hoping to get at least three more read this week, and since I'm nearly three quarters of the way through The Book Thief, that does feel viable. 

I'm two lost pounds away from unlocking another $35 for my book budget, the balance of which is currently $31. 

I grabbed The Institute by Kayla Howarth for free on Amazon, and then paid for All I Have by Nicole Helm. I made the latter the first book I paid for in 2016 because after reading Nuts by Alice Clayton, I was in the mood for more farmer's market romance. Also, if you haven't read Nuts yet, and you like food, food-related innuendo, and lots of sexual tension and foreplay, please go buy it. I loved it, and it made me laugh a few times. Easily one of my favourites this month so far.

I also grabbed a couple books for review this week, but not much: 

The Secret to Letting Go by Katherine Fleet

Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

This weekend has been mostly unplanned and open, which is nice. I've been able to get some organizing done and spend time playing with my daughter and her dollhouse. I think the highlight of the latter has been my son (2.5) grabbing his big t-rex and insisting that 'big dinosaur' attends the school too. Since it's Monster High, that seems entirely logical to me! 

Next week I'm hoping to launch into more serious writing, self-editing, and home organization activities (I will finish the kitchen this week, no matter what!). Fingers crossed everything comes together as planned!

I've got two reviews already scheduled for the week ahead, and a post in the works about re-reading books, so come on back for some more book-goodness!

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