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Fixer-Upper by Ines Saint

25430500The Basics:
Fixer-Upper by Ines Saint
Book Three in the Spinning Hills series
Lyrical Shine
Contemporary Romance
Published January 19, 2016
Source: Received Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Why I picked up this book:

It looked like a light, fluffy contemporary romance, maybe something a little chick lit?

This charmer just needs a little attention…

Spinning Hills, Ohio sure is sweet, which might be why the Amador brothers are not only renovating the town’s lovely houses, but settling down in them. Because there’s nothing more blissful than coming home to a houseful of love…

Masquerade parties were not exactly Johnny Amador’s thing—until he found himself captivated by a witty, dark-eyed young woman in a peasant costume. Even her mask couldn’t obscure her beauty. Only after a disastrous case of mistaken identity did he discover that his mystery woman was none other than Marissa Medina, his best friend’s youngest sister—which brings a whole new set of challenges.

Marissa never forgot the night she and Johnny kissed—the feelings that flared to life. Not that she’s going to give the too handsome, too sexy charmer a chance. She knows how dangerous Johnny is and she can’t surrender to him at any cost. But that’s a tall order now that he’s showing how dedicated he is to turning his own fixer-upper—and his life—into the stuff of her dreams.

My Thoughts:

This book is my first DNF of the year.

I read about a hundred pages, I flicked forward to the last few chapters, and I decided I was done with it.

What didn't work for me? There's something clunky in the set-up for the story. I liked the idea of meeting up at a masquerade, of having that emotional connection while identities are concealed. But. There's a fast forward of a year, followed by a case of mistaken identity, followed by a coincidence that brings them together again... I don't know. It just didn't come together for me. 

I also found that Johnny's voice felt too young for me, for the role he's filling. For her part, Marissa was also not quite... right for me. I can't quite put my finger on it, perhaps it's also a 'too young' issue, but regardless, it had me passing on the story before the halfway mark.

I also found some elements of the story were too silly for me. Though I was expecting a bit of romantic fluff, the silliness was a little too much for me. Perhaps if the main characters had seemed more mature and grounded?

Bottom line:

I can't recommend this one. It wasn't my cup of tea at all.


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