Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme from The Broke and the Bookish in which they post a book-related top ten every - you guessed it! - Tuesday.

This week the theme is Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From.

I haven't joined in on this meme in *months* and I missed a lot of great topics. I was thrilled to join in on this one though, because it wasn't hard for me to come up with my list, for once. I read pretty widely, so many names are going to appear on my list by virtue of having written the longest series. I did these off the top of my head, so it's possible I'm not accurate on raw numbers, but I suspect that's okay!  

In no particular order (though the first two *are* the two I own the most books by, hands down):

1. Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb - Easily one of the most prolific contemporary authors out there, I've got maybe eight or ten of the In Death series and I'm afraid to count how many of her romance novels I own. There's something soothing about a Nora Roberts romance (though I find them rarely groundbreaking).

2. Jayne Ann Krentz / Jayne Castle / Amanda Quick - Probably my favourite historical romance author and my favourite science fiction-romance author, I find Krentz' contemporary romances slightly weaker overall, but still quite good. I love that she's created a universe that spans the ages - where the continuity exists, it pleases me to no end. Her earlier Amanda Quick novels were some of the first historical romances I read, and I latched onto them right away for having unconventional, smart, daring heroines before that became common.

3. Seanan McGuire - I adore the Toby Daye series. Adore. I don't actually own the first two or three, which I really must remedy, but I also have the InCryptid books so it starts to balance out in terms of raw numbers.

4. Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files is required reading for fans of urban fantasy as far as I'm concerned. I especially love Butcher because I got my husband hooked on him (and he's also picked up Butcher's epic fantasy works)

5. Courtney Milan  - I recently picked up six more of Milan's ebooks, and I already owned a couple. I may not have read as many of her books, but I've still got them! I find these romances are witty and well-paced and they make me happy, as a good romance should.

6. David Eddings - One of the first fantasy authors I ever read, I own the Tamuli series and the Belgariad series. It's been ages since I've read either of them, but I definitely remember being enchanted.

7. Karen Chance - The Cassie Palmer series is dribbling out at a disappointing rate: I can't blame Chance, she's producing novels at a steady pace. Sadly for me, she branched out into other series that I haven't started reading, so I just wait and wait for the next Palmer installment and keep my fingers crossed for her and Pritkin to get properly romantically entangled.

8. Gail Carriger - The Parasol Protectorate series was my first introduction to steampunk, I believe, and I have many fond feelings for it. I've bought copies for many family members and friends! Also her blog is adorable, and I love the author images I found of her, as in the image at right.

9. James Patterson - By virtue of how prolific Patterson is, I've amassed a small quantity of his books - primarily young adult (I own all but the last of the Maximum Ride series, e.g.) and I think one or two spy-type stories. Not my favourite writing style (very short chapters, breaking in the middle of dialogue at times), what he lacks in technique he makes up for with plot and creativity, I think.

10. Terry Brooks - The very first fantasy author I ever read (Elf Queen of Shannara, also one of my first 'adult' books, and used as a book report for, I believe, the third grade?), Brooks has written a lot. I have a selection of his Landover series, and the first two in the Word & Void series.

Do you have a lot of books written by any of these authors? 


  1. I started the Dresden Files series but haven't read past book one! But I liked it so I should change this... Very impressive list!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

    1. Thanks! You should definitely read more of the series, it's fantastic. I have to read the most recent one or two - there's some disagreement over it because I read ahead of my husband (who refuses to read ebooks or hardcovers and thus waited for the paperback to come out so he could buy it), and that sort of stalled me.

  2. So many authors I don't know! Have to go on a search-binge now!

    R x

    1. Glad I could introduce you to a few of my favourites then! :D Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Yay! Your the first other person I have found with David Eddings on their list. Happy to see other people loved some of his books too. I haven't read anything by him in at least 7 years but I plan on reading them all again soon :)

    1. I'd love to revisit his series as well. I don't remember details, just that I enjoyed them. At that point, I think I was so relieved to find something to be reading because there wasn't the vast number of YA titles available to read when I was at that age!

  4. Taking a look at all the lists, is anyone else feeling like we're toting out some of our guilty pleasures? I've definitely noticed a trend of explaining multiple copies of the same titles or an author devoured during childhood or not read in several years. I kind of love it :) I'm going to have to check the backlists for Top Ten Guilty Pleasure authors and compare!

  5. Good to hear another positive nod to Courtney Milan - I got one of her e-books after hearing Angie @ Angieville rave about it (The Governess Affair), but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'm always on the look-out for intelligent, witty historical romance!