Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fairy Nuff by Jane Killick

The Basics:
Fairy Nuff by Jane Killick
Windtree Press
Romantic Comedy
Published May 21, 2014
Source: Received for review.

Why I picked up this book:

It sounded like a sweet, amusing tale.

Book Blurb:

Stuck in a fairy costume with magical powers, Julie “Nuff” Nuffield wishes for anything she wants. But when magic turns mischievous: a dishy doctor literally sweeps her off her feet — with a broom! — and a million pound coins trap her in her house, she must find a way out of the chaos. All while she contemplates sleeping with her ex again. Sound unfair for a single woman battling through life? Or is it Fairy Nuff? 

A fun story of one woman’s quest for love and search for the right wish to bring her happiness. 

A light-hearted romantic comedy from the author of If Wishes Were Husbands. 

My thoughts:

Fairy Nuff is a light-hearted, chick lit tale with a sweet, slightly silly feel to it.

I enjoyed this book in a really casual way. It never grabbed me too strongly, compelling me to read page after page. BUT! It always entertained me when I sat down with it, and I kept coming back to it. There was something a comforting about it, if that makes sense.

This book sits right on the shelf next to something like Bridget Jones' Diary - it's got that British feel to it, not only because it is set in London, but also because it's a bit earthier than I expect more Americanized chick lit to read. 

The plot is intriguingly not focused on the usual fare - romance, self-image, career, family (though most of these make an appearance in the story at some point) - but instead on Nuff's suddenly acquired ability to grant wishes and the ramifications therein. If you're looking for meaning here, I think there's a solid message about living in the moment and about the differences we can make on an individual level. Not every gesture has to be grand! Nuff's wishes and their consequences range from downright silly to serious and even a little heartbreaking - I love the thought put into not only what this woman might wish for but also what the ramifications of that could be.

The supporting cast was remarkably non-offensive - Nuff's best friend could have easily spilled over the edge, but instead I found her and her husband Paul to be delightfully endearing in their dedication to each other and to Eileen's acting. Non-offensive might seem like faint praise, but to be frank, I've noticed that friends in chick lit books can often be horrendously self-involved, non-supportive or otherwise annoying with their own antics. It was a relief to have Nuff *not* saddled with friends unsympathetic to her plight or who only wanted to leverage it for their own good or who were immediately jealous and became bitchy about not having the power for themselves. 

Bottom line:

Fairy Nuff would make a great beach or travel read. There's some laugh out loud moments, there's a few emotional ones and overall, I think it's a very light, fun read. 

4 stars
For fans of British chick lit, romantic comedy, light reads, pleasurable reads

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