Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z - D (2014)

I'm doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year. The basic idea is to blog nearly daily with each day representing a different letter of the alphabet. My entries will be short and book-related.  

D is for...


I love urban fantasy, and I'll probably write an entire post on it later this month so I'm going to steer away from commenting on it as a genre. Demons are an important staple of the genre. While vampires, werewolves and angels tend to get a lot of attention, demons fill a significant catch-all category, much like faeries.

There's so much variety in demons. I'm reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare right now and it features a demon that's massive, disgusting, very otherworldly with a physical and an ethereal presence. Then I pick up the Hollow series by Kim Harrison (which I really need to catch up on!) and we've got a whole new set of demons. Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series has some completely human-esque demons, but they have extra powers. 

I think that unlike the specific categories, demons (and faeries, but today is 'd' :P ) don't have quite so many expectations placed on them as a 'type'. I find that sometimes it's really just used in place of 'monster.' And isn't that interesting, because I think if you through out the word monster, you're distancing readers from your 'creature' - a monster is clearly other... while a humanoid demon who is charming, eloquent, bipedal... that could be you or me!  We can relate!


  1. I love Urban Fantasy too. You're right, every author has their own spin on Demons. Have you read the Kate Daniels books?

    1. I have, up until the last one, I think? They're quite good but for some reason they never make it to the top of the pile when I'm trying to think of series.

  2. It's nice that there's at least one supernatural being that still has a lot of flexibility. I like to credit Buffy, speaking of urban fantasy.