Saturday, April 12, 2014

A to Z - I (2014)

I'm doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year. The basic idea is to blog nearly daily with each day representing a different letter of the alphabet. My entries will be short and book-related.  

I is for...


One of the first online retailers I used for ebooks was Harlequin. They have a ton of imprints - some of them are the short, cheap, disposable books you spy on shelves of grocery and drug stores. Others are books that you would never expect are published by Harlequin - no scantily clad, embracing men and women on the covers!

I'm a fan of both varieties, but I want to focus on one of the shorter imprints  - Intrigue. This series features some mystery, usually involving an officer of the law, that often requires someone to be protected while trying to solve the case.

I like these for a couple reasons - one is that I can usually read on in a couple hours. I know I'll get a happy ending at the end because that's a requirement of the imprint, which means I can also expect good to triumph over evil - yay!  I also like that these have some kind of actual conflict built in - whatever the central crime plot is, I'm guaranteed something more threatening in the book than miscommunication or previous prejudices blocking romance.  

I don't quite want to call these books junk food but they're definitely like a reading snack!  And thank goodness for ebooks, because my poor house would be overrun if I had to have all these in physical copies....

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  1. I enjoy these books, too for the same reasons. Sometimes its nice to know the book will end happily.
    Great letter posts you have going.

    Heather M. Gardner
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    Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Co-Host