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Chasing Mr. Wrong by Joya Ryan

The Basics:
Chasing Mr. Wrong by Joya Ryan
Entangled: Brazen
Contemporary Romance
Book 4 in the Chasing Love series
Published September 9, 2015
Source: Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Why I picked up this book:

Look at that cover! This one looks steamy, the blurb made it sound steamy, and that sounded pretty darn good to me.

Who needs Mr. Right when you can have the perfect Mr. Wrong?

Ryder Diamond-the town's golden boy-doesn't have time for taking chances, let alone love. Against his better judgment, he lets his buddies set him up on a blind date with a girl who's only passing through town. But temporary or not, Whitney James sets fire to desires he can't control.

Before they know it, Ryder and Whitney are in a supply closet, drowning in lust. She's only in town for the summer-what better way to spend it than in the arms of Mr. Perfect? Except, she's wild and free, and he's Mr. Stability. Which means he may as well be Mr. Wrong.

And her new job? It's with Ryder's sister.

Sex and the inability to keep their hands off each other are the only things they have in common. But this little hook-up has "disaster" written all over it...and the only way Ryder can save his reputation is by avoiding the sweet little firecracker who could ruin it all

My Thoughts:

Chasing Mr. Wrong is about as steamy as I expected. The Brazen imprint for Entangled is all about hot heroes, hotter sex, and swoon-worthy romance (seriously, it is, check out the website) and Chasing Mr. Wrong is absolutely perfect for the imprint.

There's some fantastic, sexy scenes, particularly for anyone who likes the thrill of potential exposure. Whitney and Ryder are explosive together, wherever they're hooking up. Beyond that though, I really loved that Whitney's not impressed by all of Ryder's trappings--as the town's golden boy, there's certainly an aura of 'wealthy, stable, most eligible bachelor' around him. She's absolutely got her own agenda, and she's not going to put up with his crap.

On the other end of things, I appreciated that Ryder was genuinely caught in a rocky place. Trying to carefully walk the line of expectations, he's handcuffed himself by being so amenable. 

Now, because the book is more about heat than it is about a long romance, it was a pretty quick read for me, and a pretty light one. Which isn't to say it was bad, but I think these two characters had a lot of potential for *more.* So both a good thing, and a bad thing, I guess?

Amusingly, I figured this one would be pretty predictable, and... it wasn't. While we can all guess at the very final destination (it's a romance!), I was expecting one of them to realize the potential for more in the relationship first, and was wrong about which one it was. And having that expectation tossed made the book that much more enjoyable.

Bottom line:

I definitely recommend Chasing Mr. Wrong. I liked the characters, I liked the scenario, I enjoyed how it all came together in a way that I didn't expect. I haven't read other books in the Chasing Love series, but I will definitely check them out.

4.5 stars
For fans of contemporary romance, hot-hot-hot.

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