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Two Truths and a Lie by Ashley Stoyanoff

The Basics:
Two Truths and a Lie by Ashley Stoyanoff 
Book One in the PRG Investigations series
New Adult, Romance
Published February 28, 2015
Source: Received via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.
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Why I picked up this book:

I liked the cover. Also, I'm looking for a good, contemporary detective agency series.


One year ago, I became a missing person. I left everything behind—family, friends, school. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My only option, really, until I realized running from a police officer isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

It’s been exactly three-hundred and sixty-five days since I left home, but I’m finally ready to take the step I should have taken a year ago. I’m done hiding. I’m done running. I’m going to take my life back.

It was supposed to be easy. A meeting with Jason Pierce, a private investigator, was set up for me. All I had to do was go to him, let him do his thing, and then I could go home, or so I thought.

That is, until I met Jason and things got … complicated.

My Thoughts:

Two Truths and a Lie is a very entertaining, quick read. I didn't really know what to expect from this book, and while it wasn't quite what I was hoping for, it was a pretty satisfying story.

In the fine tradition of New Adult books, Truths is narrated by both Elena and Jason, the two main characters of the story. The blurb is Elena's perspective, but much of the book comes from Jason as well, which I think was necessary. Not only does it make very clear what his viewpoint is, but it also helps fill in some of the details of the investigation that unites Jason and Elena. 

While Truths wrestles with some deep issues, it does so through the buffer of talking about past events and transgressions instead of showing them to the reader. 

I found Jason to be a bit typical for the genre. I appreciated his protectiveness, his desire to help, and the fact that he didn't tiptoe around his own feelings. But. The whole "I need to have sex with her to claim her as mine" thing had me rolling my eyes. I also thought his alpha routine should have freaked Elena out a bit. She's been through a lot and having this guy trying to dictate to her really made me want her to pack up and run. 

The pacing for the book is very fast. As much as there's lots of brooding and fretting and though Jason and Elena don't really have a hands-on role in the investigation, there was enough to keep me entertained and flipping pages as quickly as I could. Truths may have been a bit predictable, but there were some moments that stood out for me, and I enjoyed reading it.

Bottom line:

Two Truths and a Lie is a great choice for a quick afternoon read. It's got angst and intensity, a sympathetic heroine and a possessive hero. It's not perfect, but I found it entertaining and engaging enough to consume a morning. I recommend it for 'light' reading if you don't mind being 'told' about some darker issues.

3.5 stars
For fans of contemporary romance, new adult, intense romances

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