Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Challenges

I love a good challenge!

Last week I was thinking I'd sign up for a solid half dozen or more challenges to really give myself a kick in the butt. Then I reflected on how much time it was going to take to organize all of that, time I could better spend reading and reviewing the HUGE NUMBER of books I've requested for review in January and February (seriously, I have a ton of reviews coming up guys!).

I've decided to stick with just a few challenges right now, and if I stay on top of them, and find other challenges that appeal, I'll add them as I go.

Challenge One:

The first challenge that I'm in for is the 50 Book Pledge which I did last year as well. My goal this year is another 200 books - I'm not aiming higher because I have less evening and you can follow me at my profile here. I'll be tracking all the books I read there - whether for review or pleasure. 

Challenge Two:

I'm signing up for COYER - Clean Out Your E-Reader - which runs from December 20 to March 6. Hopefully I can clean out a ton of review books because really, if I have time to read anything else, it's just gravy at this point.

COYER restricts participants to books that are FREE or NEARLY FREE (which translates to just over $3 Canadian). I'm going to aim for five books per week - this will keep me on track for my 50 Book Pledge goal.

Challenge Two Point Five:

COYER is hosting a variety of reading challenges and I'm signing up for the first one - Dusting off the Shelves! This runs from January 12 to January 16 and challenges participants to find their oldest unread ebook or audiobook that fits the COYER pricing limit, and read it or DNF it.

I'd like to burn through *5* books next week - these will, I suspect, all be Harlequin releases as that was the first site I used to buy ebooks. I'll post a start post on day one that identifies the books I'll be reading for this challenge, and then on the 16th, I'll have a round-up post that will identify how I did, with  mini-reviews for each book read. 

Challenge Three:

I'm also going to sign up for the Monthly Key Word Challenge over at Bookmark to Blog.

This challenge asks participants to read books that fit the key words for each month. January's words are "Bird, Girl, Ever, Silence, Bad, Truth, End" and I'll be reading and reviewing Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon at the end of the month.

There are loads of other challenges out there, and I'd love to take part in more, but for now, these seem manageable. Which challenges are you taking part in during the first few months of 2015?

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