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Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler

The Basics:
Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Book Two in the X-Ops series
Paranormal Romance
Published November 4, 2014
Source: Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Why I picked up this book:

I was on a werewolf binge.


Leaving him was Impossible...
It took everything she had for FBI Special Agent Danica Beckett to walk away from the man she loved. But if she wants to save his life, she has to keep her distance. Now, with a killer on the loose and the stakes higher than ever before, the Department of Covert Ops is forcing these former lovers into an uneasy alliance...whether they like it or not.

Seeing her again is even worse
The last thing Clayne Buchanan wants is to be shackled to the woman who broke his heart. She gets under his skin in a way no one ever has and makes him want things he has no right to anymore. All he has to do is suffer through this case and he can be free of her for good. But when Clayne finds out why Danica left in the first place, everything he's tried to bury comes roaring back-and there's no way this wolf shifter is going to let her get away this time.

My thoughts:

Normally I don't go in for the second chance at love stories because I am a complete wuss and find that point of conflict uncomfortable. I don't mind if the romantic leads argue and are at cross purposes, but starting with hurt feelings between them makes me sad. So, Her Lone Wolf was at a bit of a disadvantage for me where other readers might not be bothered by this.

This book is action-packed, and the romance really worked for me. Despite my initial uncertainty, the emotional baggage is addressed in a way that I found fully satisfying. Clayne and Danica are still very much attracted to each other from the very beginning of the story and I quite liked them as a couple.

There's a really distinct three act structure. The shift in gears for the middle portion of the story threw me off a little. It related to a plot line that I imagine extends across the book series, and was so different from the first section of the story that I felt like I was then reading episode two of Danica and Clayne's adventures.

The investigation that these two are working on was pretty good. There's a late twist that had me roll my eyes a little bit because it feels a little overdone. Still, I found the book quite entertaining and I'll come back for the next book in the series to see how everything progresses. 

Bottom line:

Her Lone Wolf is an action-packed romance, full of intrigue and danger. The couple from the first X-Ops book feature for a good portion of this sequel so if you enjoyed their romance, you'll want to find out what happens next. And, if like me you didn't read book one in the X-Ops series, not to fear as I found this book very entertaining in its own rights!

4.5 stars
For fans of Her Perfect Mate, action-romance, intrigue

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