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The Kidnapped Bride by Heather Hiestand

The Basics:
The Kidnapped Bride by Heather Hiestand
eKensington Originals
Book Four in the Redcakes series
Historical Romance
Published September 15, 2014
Source: Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Why I picked up this book:

I thought that cover was very cute, and the blurb suggested (to me) a lot of great oneupmanship between the love interests


Pursuing this elusive heiress will be the ultimate temptation…
Lady Elizabeth Shield is used to saving herself from trouble. And even if dashing private inquiry agent Dougal Alexander just rescued her from white slavers, she’s definitely not returning to her stifling aristocratic life and unsuitable suitors. Not when there are other women in danger—and a secret promise to keep in Edinburgh. But outwitting Dougal’s tactics to return her to London and her family will be easier than staying away from his intoxicating kisses…
He’s a baron’s second son accustomed to making his own way and uncovering the truth. Now Dougal must keep Lady Elizabeth close for her own protection, but her spirited wiles are proving scandalously irresistible. His most difficult case yet will be showing her that he’s everything she truly desires—and that love is the greatest of adventures…
My thoughts:

The Kidnapped Bride is a short entry in the Redcakes series - and my first book in the series. I have to acknowledge upfront that I think I would have enjoyed this book more if I was already familiar with the characters.

Truly, I felt a little at sea during the first chapter or two of the book. Names and references were being tossed out there fairly quickly and while it didn't seem critical to know who they really all were, I felt that a lot of the dramatic weight of what was happening relied on me having a prior connection to these individuals.

Moving past that, I liked that there was a sense of bleakness to Beth's attitude. I could feel how weary she was and fraught her position was not only in her own self-awareness, but in how she moved, carried herself, and so forth. She's so resigned, but determined to keep trudging forwards.

I didn't really buy into the romance so much. It's a problem with this short format for romances when there isn't a prior relationship to piggy-back from, and unfortunately The Kidnapped Bride didn't overcome that limitation for me. Another chapter or two of Dougal and Beth spending time together might have been enough - just something to build a bit of a foundation for a relationship?

I loved the cover, and I don't feel like the story really matched it. It wasn't as lighthearted and fun as I anticipated.

Bottom line:

If you're a fan of the Redcakes series, I suspect The Kidnapped Bride will be right up your alley. Without pre-existing connections to the characters? I just didn't get into it. The quality of the writing was quite high, it was simply that I didn't get swept up by the romantic relationship, and I couldn't really get the full ramifications of the other plot elements.

3.5 stars
For fans of the Redcakes series, detectives

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