Friday, September 12, 2014

Stacking the Shelves - September 13, 2014

Stacking the Shelves is an awesome meme hosted by Tynga's Review.

Bloggers share the books they've received, bought, borrowed - and I collect more and more books for my 'must acquire' list.

This week the focus is on books I've purchased or otherwise received not specifically for review in the last two weeks:


The Winter Long by Seanan McGuire

Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.

She was wrong.

It's time to learn the truth.

Chelsea's Thoughts: I have been waiting for this book since I read the last book in the October Daye series last year. I love, love, love the series, and everything McGuire has published under this name. I haven't tried her more horror oriented stuff, but it's definitely on my list.

Against the Wild by Kat Martin

Alaska: Where the men are as bold and untamed as America's last wilderness...

It's been three years since Lane Bishop tragically lost her fiancé, and she's finally ready to risk her heart on someone else. The hot look in Dylan Brodie's eyes says he's going to be that man.

But when Lane flies to the remote 1930s fishing lodge to help him renovate, she discovers a little girl who won't speak, eerie legends and strange sounds in the night. And when she investigates the history of the lodge, she uncovers a legacy of injustice and murder.

As danger stalks his daughter and the woman he is coming to love, Dylan must risk everything to uncover the shocking truth.

Chelsea's Thoughts: I've enjoyed Kat Martin's The Raines of Wind Canyon series, so I thought I'd give this a try. Plus that cover is so terrible and feels oddly dated for an author that I usually think of as being fairly modern.... I had to see what was going on!

The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle

The world of Harmony has its wonders, one of them being Rainshadow Island. Just beneath its surface, a maze of catacombs hides a dangerous secret...…

Halloween—with its tricks and treats—is a dust bunny’s dream come true. Just ask Lyle, Sedona Snow’s faithful sidekick. But for Sedona, it’s a nightmare. Though her new job managing a small hotel and tavern on Rainshadow is helping her move on from her tragic past, a bizarre disaster down in the catacombs has brought a pack of rowdy ghost hunters to her inn.

And now, Sedona’s ex has arrived on the island, claiming he wants to get back together, just as a newcomer appears to have a strong interest in her. Cyrus Jones is the new Guild boss in town. He has his own agenda when it comes to Sedona, but even the best-laid plans are no match for the passion that springs up on Rainshadow….

Chelsea's Thoughts: Jayne Ann Krentz (writing here as Jayne Castle) is one of my go-to romance authors. I love grabbing her books on gloomy days, and I still turn to some of her historicals as Amanda Quick as speedy pick-me-ups when I need it!

Private Politics by Emma Barry

New York socialite Alyse Philips is not the airhead people take her for-she’s great at convincing D.C.’s rich and powerful to open their wallets. Never one to coast on her family’s connections, her real dream is to help charities in a bigger way. Before she can pursue her ambitions, she discovers a money-laundering scandal that’s got her signature all over it. If Alyse can’t clear her name, she’ll never work in nonprofits again.

Political blogger Liam Nussbaum has been pining after Alyse for six months, certain she’d never go for a quiet guy like him. Helping her with the investigation is a no-brainer. But going up against a seedy network of money and influence isn’t just a romantic opportunity or a chance to grab the headline that will take him into the big time-it’s a gamble that could destroy his blog’s reputation.

As Liam and Alyse dig deeper, their hearts collide alongside their ambition. Will they choose love or politics? Because in Washington, everything comes at a price

Chelsea's Thoughts: I read an article by Barry discussing beta heroes and why she loves them and I couldn't resist picking up her book after that.

Miss Molly Robbins Designs a Seduction by Jayne Fresina

Carver Danforthe, Earl of Everscham, has a reputation for being a wild rogue—not for indulging the ambitions of his sister's maid. 

But Molly Robbins' unique dress designs have caught the eye of society's elite, and if it means her own dress shop, Molly will make a deal with the devil himself—or his proxy, the notoriously naughty earl. 

But becoming his mistress is not a part of their arrangement. It's right there in the contract's small print: No Tomfoolery. Until he proposes a scandalous new addendum to their contract…

Chelsea's Thoughts: Yup, still on a Fresina kick. Couldn't resist picking up this one when it was on sale.

Not a huge haul this time around, but given what I have sitting on backlog, this is plenty!  What'd you grab this week that you're most excited about?


  1. I see a lot of UF and some romance books in your haul. They look good. Enjoy your new books and have a lovely weekend.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    1. Thank you! I went through an extended urban fantasy phase through my mid and late twenties and I find going back is always pure comfort :) (Though the same could be said for my teenage years and historical romance.... and.. well.. books. Books are such a comfort food, if you'll allow ;) ) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Haven't heard of any of these, so I'll have to check them out. :) Happy reading!

    Here's mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  3. I've been wanting to buy this Seanan McGuire series. But I haven't heard much about it. It might be stacking my shelves soon! Thanks for stopping by Tynga's Reviews.

  4. Good looking and interesting books you have here! :) Happy reading!

    My STS: