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Blog Tour: A Friendly Flirtation by Christine Warner

This morning, I'm happy to present to you my stop on the A Friendly Flirtation tour. This is a friends-first romance by Christine Warner, book three in her Friends First series, in fact. This book is available from Entangled as of today, February 15th. And I'm delighted to bring you a lovely interview with the author, and my review!

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The Book

One kiss can change your life...

Allison Hall is fed up with being a social outcast. Even at the tech company where she works for her brother and his best friend, Jared, she's the invisible nerdy girl. What she needs is confidence—and that requires a makeover and dating tips. And she knows just the man to help…

Jared Esterly is shocked when Allison asks for his assistance and turns her down, knowing that her brother—his business partner and best friend, Nick—would kill him if he dated her, even if it is just for practice. But when Al’s attempt to make changes on her own fails spectacularly, Jared reluctantly steps in. Things heat up quickly, and soon lessons move from the salon to the bedroom.

When overprotective big-brother Nick discovers Jared is dating Allison, their friendship and business partnership sour. Allison, consumed by guilt, must make a choice: stay with Jared, even though that means ruining his friendship with Nick and possibly his career, or leave the one man who sets her on fire.

A Friendly Flirtation is available now!

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TETOR: Christine, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions today. I'm excited to read A Friendly Flirtation, and to have this opportunity to talk you about the book!

Author: Thank you so much for taking the time to read A Friendly Flirtation, and for inviting me onto your blog J

TETOR: Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite set-ups for romance novels. You've written three books now in your Friends First series, so I'd guess it's safe to assume you're partial to it as well. What draws you to this niche?

Author: I love the friends to lover’s stories because the characters have established a friendship and are comfortable with each other for the most part. Some know each other better than others, but they are friendly enough to have personal conversations, know past details, some of what makes the other person click. All of these factors make for easy and fun dialogue because they are already on a more intimate comfort level than a couple just getting acquainted. Plus, there’s nothing more romantic—at least to me—than friends that end up falling in love.

TETOR: I like that Allison's described as an "invisible nerdy girl" in the blurb for A Friendly Flirtation. Nerdy girls deserve more "screen time" in romances, I think (or possibly I'm biased because I'd describe myself as a nerdy girl!). What was your motivation for writing her in this way? Is the nerdy girl label one that you identify with?

Author: I think that there’s a little bit of a nerdy girl in all of us. There are several parts of Allison that I identify with myself. Sometimes I snort when I laugh, other times I’m uncomfortable in social situations because it’s hard to talk and possibly bare parts of yourself in a group of people you don’t know well, and I agree with you that nerdy girls deserve “screen time” in romance books as well. They are real, easy to relate to I think for most people, and just plain likable. How can you not root for the nerdy girl heroine, especially when she is trying to improve on herself without losing herself entirely? Allison doesn’t want to change who she is on the inside, but she does want to make her life on the outside easier and more comfortable so that she can fit in. To her, she just wants to be “normal”. I like that about her, and again, I think she’s relatable because of it J

TETOR: I think that Allison's desire for self-improvement through confidence, some dating tips, and a makeover, is something that many readers can identify with. I think that confidence, in particular, is currently a hot topic. Can you talk a bit about the importance of confidence in romantic relationships? 

Author: Confidence seems to something that goes up and down with every person. Some days you’re on top of the wave and other days you’re below the surface. But, I think you always have some sort of confidence, you basically have to in order to get through the day in a social world. When it comes to romance, just by the fact that you are taking the risk to put yourself out there shows that you have confidence.

The thing I liked about writing Allison was that she didn’t think she was confident, but all the things she attempted and tried and lived through told the true story. She had lots of confidence in so many ways, she just didn’t have the confidence in social situations. I believe that’s why the moment she had a few changes in the way she looked, her true personality came out and her confidence soared so quickly. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that she had a great guy to remind her how amazing she was.

TETOR: So, as an author, I think many of us expect that you would maintain a public, online presence of some kind (a task that I assume is made easier with a certain amount of confidence!). Your bio describes your enjoyment of social media in its many forms -- which is your favourite social media platform, and why?

Author: I have fun with them all, but I think the one I enjoy the most is Facebook. I like that I can say something and get an instant response. It’s fun to talk with the people there and I’ve met so many wonderful authors and readers and we have formed some wonderful friendships through sharing bits and pieces of our lives. It’s amazing how many people there I haven’t met in person but consider friends.

I also started a street team, which is a group of reader’s who enjoy my stories. I love our little group. We have fun chats, play games, they help me name characters or pets, or other bookish things I need help with. Basically Facebook is a great place to interact with so many people from all over the world. Love. It.

TETOR: Last question: after a reader's read through your series, what friends first novel would you recommend they pick up next?

Author: A book I read recently Her Backup Boyfriend by Ashlee Mallory was a terrific read. The heroine blurts out to her family that she has a boyfriend when she really doesn’t and when she tells the neighbor’s nephew he not only agrees to help her renovate her newly purchased house but to be her pretend boyfriend. It’s a cute story. Even though they have a newly formed friendship they build on the friendship before they start a slow building romance. I really enjoyed their journey.

TETOR: Thank you so much for answering my questions!

Author: Thank you so much for letting me visit your blog J

My Review

A Friendly Flirtation is a fun, fluffy read in that My Fair Lady vein. Allison's a self-acknowledged nerdy girl who wants to make some changes to improve her social life. Jared, her big brother's best friend, seems like just the man to help her out...

This book gives great banter. I found Jared and Allison's flirtation pretty entertaining, and I liked their back-and-forth quite a bit. I also liked watching Allison blossom across the book. She's so earnest in her desire to improve herself, it was easy to root for her.

I do think that the pre-existing friendship between Jared and Allison was pretty weak. Because Jared's friendship was with Allison's big brother, there was a certainly familiarity between Allison and Jared, but not the comfortable relationship that I expected. This made it especially ballsy of her to ask him for help with her transformation, but it also meant less pre-existing investment between the two of them (and more between Jared and Allison's brother). 

I didn't love the abrupt ending; it was okay, but not quite as satisfying as it might have been if there were just a few more beats. I think everything came to a sudden head and resolution, and that left me feeling a tad shortchanged.

Bottom Line

A Friendly Flirtation is a great choice for light, fluffy read. I was absolutely entertained. 

4 stars
For fans of friends first, makeover stories

About the Author

Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her family, three laptops (she might have a slight addiction, or maybe it’s a fear of one imploding from overuse) and a much loved assortment of furry friends.

Besides laughing and a good round of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmetic.  A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities.  She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy heroines.

A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, she enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and her website at


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