Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Resolutions


It's me!
I'm here!

I know it's been a while.

I've been checking in periodically since the start of November, usually with blog tours that I committed to in October, but otherwise it's been ages.

So, to be perfectly honest, I got caught up in Nanowrimo (success), and then in editing a couple of projects (finished now), and then in the Christmas holidays. 

I also got burned out with some generic reviews I should have written and posted, and couldn't seem to motivate myself to do. I made that mistake of reading four or five books really quickly, and not reviewing any of them right away. 

Next to getting stuck trying to read a bad book, that's my blogging kryptonite. Backlogs are a problem for me.


Moving forward, here's my pledge to you for 2016:

Two reviews per week. Loosely, I expect Tuesday/Thursday to be my posting schedule on these. 

I may do more, but I'm aiming to always do Tuesday/Thursday.  

I'm going to do a mix of books that are going to be released, and books that were released in 2015 that I have ARCs of and haven't gotten to reviewing. No book left behind. That is my policy!

Things I would like to do?

  • More challenges. I've got a list to sign up for - COYER, the Mount TBR reading challenge, Bookish Resolutions. I'm kind of attracted to the Reading Assignment challenge as well (and it would mesh well with COYER and Mount TBR). Are there other challenges out there that I need to know about?
  • Two themed weeks. I loved doing Cinderella stories in the spring and Christmas in October last year. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a good time to run a themed week 
  • More non-review posts. Sunday updates, Top Ten Tuesdays, Book Rants, whatever. Are there regular memes out there I should check out?  Let me know! I want to get more involved!
  • Writing updates. I'm focusing on my own writing this year (instead of on editing), and so I may occasionally check-in with how that's going.
  • Updating my site with a listing of reviews done by year, by genre, by rating, by author. I want to create some lovely indices that will make browsing previous reviews much easier.
  • Cleaning up my post tags because ZOMG they're useless for users of the site right now.
Comment below with challenges I should check out, books I should be reading in 2016, things you'd like to see on my site, what you have planned for yours (or links to your posts about 2016 plans!)

Come back shortly for my 2016 Challenges post!

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