Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Binging: Buying Books

Welcome to a new feature here on the site: Book Binging!

This week, I want to talk about book binging when it comes to buying books.

This is a picture of *most* of the books I bought last week, in an online order followed by a quick trip to the local bookstore:

In total, I bought/ordered thirteen books in one day. In one day. And it's not as though my TBR shelf was hurting for reading options - I'm shamefully behind on my ARCs, let alone all the books I've already bought and not read.

So why did I buy so many?

Because I binge buy. Always. I go for weeks without buying books and the desire to acquire something new builds and builds until I finally pick up something, and something else, and then I notice a sale on something over there, and BAM!  I have a stack of shiny new books to read (or collect dust with some of my other binge book purchases).  

The plus side of binge book buying is that it's like Christmas when my Amazon box arrives. There's so many treasures inside! It also means I often pick up a couple books in a series at once, so I can...binge read! I hate waiting to read sequels or the next book in a series, so this is a big plus!

On the down side, I might end up with a stack of books that I lose interest in pretty quickly. And I definitely end up with more books than I can reasonably read.

I do pick up books in other ways. I've got the next books in a few series pre-ordered, and if I see a deal on an ebook I've had my eye on, I'll grab that. Plus there's the whole ARC acquisition side. But, binge-buying is definitely the way I buy the *most* books. 

What about you? Book-buy binger or careful selection process?

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  1. I binge buy books as retail therapy and it's dangerous. While you are still young it seems harmless until you have to move the first time and you realize how large your collection is because as readers... We NEVER throw books away GASP! Hence my need to turn most of my collection electronic these days.I still Binge buy but my to read shelf occupies a shelf on my Ipad not Shelves in my pad.

    I still buy regular books because there is something about holding a book. I reserve this for books I know I will keep and mostly hardbacks. I don't buy romance this way anymore as too many authors books are hit and miss.