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Kiss Me Hello by Grace Burrowes

The Basics:
Kiss Me Hello by Grace Burrowes
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Contemporary Romance
Book Three in the Sweetest Kisses series
Published March 1, 2015
Source: Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Why I picked up this book:

I've read Grace Burrowes before, albeit writing historical romance, and enjoyed her work!


Sidonie Lindstrom's hands and heart are full—she's been uprooted from the urban life she loves, she's grieving for her brother while raising her foster son Luis, and she's trying to find a job with meaning. But her burdens feel lighter when she meets rural lawyer Mackenzie Knightley. Their attraction is powerful and unexpected. Life is perfect… until Sid learns that Mack hasn't been completely honest about his job.

When problems arise with Luis' foster care situation, she must decide: can she trust Mack again, when she has so much more to lose?

My thoughts:

I don't know that I have thoughts on this book so much as sounds - like a happy  and contented sigh. 

Reading Kiss Me Hello was like being in one of those postcard-perfect, serene moments - like sitting out on a cottage porch at sunset, enjoying a cup of tea. It is such a great contemporary romance - one that I thought was utterly plausible, with my complete lack of knowledge about the foster care system in the United States. There was something inevitable (more so than your average romance, which promises a HEA, of course) and positive and unstoppable about this story. I loved it, from start to finish. Even when I put the book down, I carried the story around with me. 

Kiss Me Hello calls attention to the foster care system here, one that champions the good work being done, and chastises anything less than adults doing their best for the welfare and happiness of the children caught in the system. 

Sidonie, Mackenzie and Luis are all quietly memorable. These are not flashy characters, with glamorous careers, nor do they throw money around or embark on major projects. These three are very focused on their immediate situation - that is the continued fostering of Luis with Sidonie and the unexpected, sweet attraction between Sidonie and Mackenzie. The story here is very intimate, I think Kiss Me Hello does a beautiful job of communicating all the emotional highs and lows. The grief, the fear, the anxiety, the guilt, the tension, the heat, the love - this book has it all and it's so gorgeously written.... Yes, a happy sigh really perfectly summarizes my response to this book.

Bottom line:

Kiss Me Hello is the kind of book that makes me so happy, I lose the eloquence to adequately convey it. It's not a rough or harsh or action-packed book, but rather a sweet, fiercely emotional, tender story that gathered me up and gently lead me on the journey, rendering me quite happily satisfied by the time I reached the end. It's thoughtful and full of family and ultimately so... happy. Read it and smile.

5 stars
For fans of contemporary romance, realistic romance

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