Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flash Post: Fast Five!

Flash Post: Fast Five!

Things that I'm loving this morning:

The cover of Mortal Heart from Robin LaFevers. I've only read His Grave Assassin, and it was a while ago, but I remember liking it (maybe 3.5 or 4 stars?).  This book is the third in the series, so I'm behind, but I *love* this cover!  

When I buy or browse erotica, I'm usually looking to buy something. Well, this morning Avon Romance sent me an email blast about their new Impulse books, and I found White Collared by Shelly Bell to be rather intriguing:

Description from Amazon.ca:

Driven by ambition …
Third-year law student Kate Martin outran her tragic past to become an intern for her idol and secret crush, the powerful attorney Nicholas Trenton. She is thrilled when Nick assigns her to represent his best friend and client, millionaire Jaxon Deveroux … the prime suspect in his submissive wife Alyssa's murder.

Seduced by desire …
Kate knows they have only a few days to find the real killer, and since signs point to a member of the BDSM community, she volunteers to go undercover as Jaxon's submissive at Benediction—the private sex club where he is a member—to covertly investigate Alyssa's last few months. For years, Kate has kept her dark fantasies a secret … but a chance to explore them with sexy, dominant Jaxon is just too tempting to pass up.

Normally I don't go in for serialized erotica, with a few notable exceptions (though I've picked up and reviewed a fair amount once it's been released as a complete collection), but this one has me interested. I'm adding it to my wishlist (you'll understand why I didn't just buy it outright in a moment or two).

Number three is a book that got my spit-take of the morning, followed by some belly laughs.

Yes, that's Sheepsquatch, and it's billed as horror romance, though I hope it's also comedy. It's available on NetGalley if you're a reviewer and curious.

Next, a confession! One of my weaknesses is for certain kinds of how-to / self-help books. Organization, time management, tips for writing, these all really appeal to me. This morning I've been flicking through them and these three found their way onto my wishlist:

Finally, the last in my fast five this morning:

Chapters/Indigo gets my love today!
I ordered *11* books yesterday because of their 70% off Teen books email, and wasn't expecting them until Monday of next week, but the website says they shipped yesterday and Canada Post picked them up this morning, so I'm optimistically hoping they'll be here today or tomorrow at the latest!

Amusingly, I'd only heard of *two* of the books before hand - I'll share all the details of my haul in Saturday's Stacking the Shelves post!

What's your Fast Five this morning? Have any tidbits you want to share, anything that's caught your eye - a blog post, a book cover, a quick anecdote from your day so far? Share in the comments!

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