Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is an awesome meme hosted by Tynga's Review.

Basically, it's a way to share what books you've picked up in the last week or so, to let people see what treasures you've hoarded. 

(Okay, treasures might be *my wording*)

Anyways, on to the books!  I'm only going to reference the ones I purchased this week, though I did get a dozen ebooks for review this week. On that note... there should be reviews every week day for the next several weeks.

I'm not supposed to be gathering more books these days - I'm supposed to be on a book buying diet, but I did pick up a selection of books on sale this week. Kobo's 99 cent sale reeled me in for:


Earlier in the week, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books ran a Books on Sale post that caused me to snag these two Courtney Milan titles:

And then I picked this up... I can't even remember where I saw information about it, but I was looking for some inexpensive but promising erotica and this is what I ended up with:


  1. Awesome haul of books. I see no bloglovin button. I follow blogs that way. Courtney Milan is awesome. Come check out my stack as well.


  2. Thanks Grace - particularly for the button heads-up. I've updated it. Now off to check out your haul this week! :D

  3. Enjoy all of your awesome books!!! :)

    -Jess @ Reading Nook Reviews

    My StS

  4. Nice stack! I struggle to save money when there's an option to buy books. But, I am being careful at the I can buy a bookshelf. ;)
    My StS

  5. Great haul. I am on a book buying diet too. I have so much to read and my family have disallowed me from buying books before christmas. Enjoy your treasures : )

    Kate @ The Little Blog of Geek

  6. Great haul, those deals always lure me in too! I loved Lost & Found, Hope you enjoy these!